It’s Awards Time!

It’s the time of year to apply for awards and get ready to celebrate the achievements and getting through 2021 on Saturday 26 February 2022.

All details are on the website. Votes and applications need to be completed by 21 January 2022, with exception of runners runner, which closes 18 February.

You will need to login to the DRR website with your newly supplied account details and complete the relevant forms to be in it and vote for your nominations, every vote counts.

Throughout 2021 many have entered and represented DRR in club colours, Club Championship races, including Hatfield 5 mile, Bearbrook 10k, Leighton 10 miles and Love Luton Half – these results have already been completed.
You need to login and complete a form if you would like to enter the championship for the 5k, 20 miler and marathon can be any race.

Performance award scheme is based 3 distances on the WMA age-graded tables which have been developed over a period of years by the World Masters Athletics (WMA) to allow runners to fairly compete with others by taking into consideration age and gender. There are 8 award levels available; Pearl, Opal, Amber, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum, increasing in difficulty as you move up the tables.

The Club Champion Award is an age-graded competition, using best recorded times from 2 distances from 5k to half marathon. The man and woman with the highest aggregate age-related score become Club Champions.

The Marilyn Day Award goes to a DRR female club member-only who mirrors Marilyn’s qualities, is supportive, welcoming, volunteers, attends club nights and joins in team events. Login and vote now.

DRR male club member for the Martin Cowley Award that makes you smile, that is always there for a chat, that will always come out on a run with you, will encourage and coach you. Someone who is kind and always goes above and beyond to help others. Login and vote now

Runners Runner – votes close 18 February
This is an award given to someone chosen entirely by you and should be someone who has either helped you with your training, supported you, paced you, inspired you, helped you get back when you were down, organised runs for you, done something worth recognising or is just an all-round good egg that you love to go running with! Absolutely anyone can be included in this. Login and vote now.

Saturday 26 February Presentation Evening – More details to follow, but save the date
If you have any questions, help or support to complete just shout.

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