CLUB UPDATE – 6th May 2021

Club Runs

We have restarted small group club runs following the latest relaxation of COVID rules. 

These runs are for club members only as are all organised via Spond to make sure you all stay safe. Runs may start at differing times and from alternative start points, please check the details of the run you have booked onto via Spond. If you have not secured a place on a Spond run please do not turn up regardless (this puts the run leader in the awkward position of having to turn you away). Also do not go to Creasy Park at 7pm on a Monday or Wednesday expecting a run (unless the Spond run you are booked on explicitly has these start details).

Runs are currently restricted to 8 (including the run leader) but we are working on our risk assessment to be able to increase this slightly.

if you are having issues with Spond please contact Claire Thomas.

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