COVID-19 Update August 2020

Message from Lisa:

Just thought I’d give you all a wee update on how things look clubwise at the moment. I’ll try and do this every few weeks for you until we have normal service (fingers and toes crossed).

Club nights
These will continue using the Spond app. This helps monitor club numbers and supports track and trace. Anyone can lead a group, so if you fancy company pop it on there and we’d love to join you. You can chose the route, time, terrain. We have decided to keep to a maximum of 6 per group so that leaders feel supported and that we can manage looking after our runners.

Track nights
After working on the risk assessment, we have made capacity to increase these numbers to 12 per session where appropriate. The run leader/coach will decide on the numbers depending on where the session takes place. As with club nights, consider sanitiser, your own water and do not attend any session of you have any symptoms of have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid. Follow the government and PHE guidelines.

We will resume meeting next month in order to plan for our club going forward. We have had an interim meeting to discuss Covid guidelines along with England athletics guidance and our own risk assessment in order for some club sessions to start. It’s a challenging time, but I hope that we are doing the best for our club members. As always, please mesage me or a committee member if anything is unclear for you.

Our champion kit queen Sarah still has kit for sale if you want to show your club colours whilst training. Message her for more info.

These are starting to take place again and we will soon start to think about how we can put on our events in the future. There will need to be a few changes, but I am confident that your committee will be able to put together some quality races going forward, despite the extra measures that will be needed to make them Covid secure.

Cross country
This is still an unknown. Three counties are chatting constantly and challenges we will have include venues (many are schools), social distancing (cross country does not work well with social distancing) and pre/post run hospitality and showers. A decision has not been made as yet as the Three Counties committee are doing their best to get something in place. It’s a case of wait and see I’m afraid.

Running outside a club/spond session
As usual, ensure that you follow the government guidelines.
Maximum of 6 per group (road and trail runs included)
Social distanced running
Hand wash regularly

I hope this makes things a little clearer for you all. We want to come back to club sessions, but at the moment this is the best we can do.

Please get in touch if you have a question or suggestion. Always welcomed!

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