The pride of our Pride

As a club we are very proud of our team work and the support everyone gives to each other and that was never more clear than this weekend.

Close to home we had the Greensands Ridge Relay which is a 36 mile route completed by teams of six. The legs all vary in distance and level of undulation which means there is something for everyone. There is also a handicap system that aims to level out teams.

The unusual element of this event is that it is self-navigated in the truest sense of the word (none of the helpful orange arrows you get on the Dunstable Challenge). This means that each runner needs to recce their leg in advance. These recces have been a real social affair over the last few weeks with people taking the opportunity to experience some new areas with the added jeopardy of trying to map read at the same time.

The day itself also requires team work between both the people running the same leg (to sort the logistics of car drops) and within the team to co-ordinate the changeovers. All rounded off with a well earned beer 🙂  This year we had four teams and although we didn’t place in the top results we were all winners when it came to a fun day out. Keep any eye out for the details next year as we’d love to get even more people involved.



Dunstable Dames Teresa Warren 28th team in handicap
  Margaret DeWinter  
  Jeanete Walster  
  Emily Prejac  
  Lisa Phee  
  Wendy Cope  
Whipsnade Whippets Neil Currant 27th team in handicap
  Steve Crossley  
  Phil Brogan  
  Ian Byford  
  Dave Morgan  
  Jose Santos  
Dunstable Lions Adrian Shotbolt 26th team in handicap
  James Young  
  Martin Kidney  
  Craig Sweet  
  Craig Sweet  
  Cheryl Currant  
Dunstable Lionesse Nikkie Darragh Cassidy 35th team in handicap
  Joanna Jeffs  
  Liz Harding  
  Sue McAvock  
  Sue McAvock  
  Greer Kidney  

A little further away we had a large group run the incredible Salomon Wales Trail Marathon and Half Marathon but I’m going to ask one of them to tell you more about that…


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