Marathon Madness

April is prime marathon season and many of DRR will be pushing their bodies and minds to take on this challenge.

I watch in admiration of what you achieve, a feat I’ve not yet been brave enough to sign up for. My mind wanders and I imagine what it might be like…

Months of training in the cold, rain and snow! The tricky taper period where I am both are restless to run but also nervous of any slight niggle. Then the day itself… 

The other nervous runners, the queues for the portaloos and the wait for the off – first a slow shuffle and then as each person crosses the timing mat the pace begins to pick up. The crowd giving me an extra spring in my step, careful not to go off to quick I tell myself and I start to find my rhythm. 

The miles go by and my cheeks hurt more from smiling than my legs do from running. 5k, 10k, 15k all slide by and the next milestone is the half way point. 

I’d love to think that I would be skipping along waving at the crowd enjoying all the jelly babies but I know that’s not true. You have to dig deep and show true determination to make it through those 26.2 miles, what I do know is that if (when?) I do the support of the DRR family will give me energy when I think I have none. 

To all of you I doff my cap and salute you. From amazing PBs to the heartbreak of injury we are in this journey together.

Well done to all that ran Manchester and Brighton and good luck to everyone doing London and Milton Keynes!


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