Whether you are looking to join your first running club or are moving from elsewhere I’m sure you have questions about us and how this club works.

Are we friendly?


Am I too slow (or even too fast!)?

We aim to cater for a wide range of abilities.  When we go out together we have groups from 7 min/mile up to 12 min/mile.  We also operate a loop-back method so that no-one ever gets left behind. We recommend you are comfortable running for 45-50 minutes at your chosen pace before you come along so that you can get the most out of the club runs. (As an example if you are looking to run with the 12min/mile group you should be able to run around 3.5-4 miles)

Do I need any special kit?

No, just come in your normal running gear.  On the darker nights a head or chest torch is handy but not essential.

Where and when do you meet?

We are currently using an app called Spond to arrange small group runs. All members have access to this and can post runs they wish to lead and join posted runs. 

Can I come along and try before I join formally?

Unfortunately at the minute this is a little challenging as we have only a limited number of runs happening and these need to be booked via our club Spond app which is only available to members.

What is I have more questions?

Just get in touch using the details in the Contact Us area of the site.

I’m in what do I do next?

Come along for a few sessions and if you like us join here

More information on the joining process can be found here.