Dunstable Road Runners - Local Routes

Local Routes

There are some great local routes around Dunstable’s surrounding areas. If you’re looking for somewhere new to run, below are some route maps created by our very own Rootmaster, that will take you on a (mainly) off road tour of Bedfordshire.

Toddington Toddle – 14.1 miles
Kensworth Kanter - 13.6 miles
Toddington Turkey Trot - 13.2 miles
Slapton Struggle - 13.5 miles
Markyate Meander - 15.3 miles
Beacon Bluster - 11.8 miles
Sundon-Streatley Saunter - 16.1 miles
Dagnall Dawdle - 14.5 miles

If you have a favourite route that you'd like us to add, please contact us!