Yoga and Running

The two seem like polar opposites, but in fact the two are a good fit. The pain most runners feel is not from the running itself, but from the imbalances that running causes. Running is a repetitive motion, always moving in the sagittal plane, forwards and backwards. Too much tightening and shortening of the same muscles and not enough lengthening, and no strengthening of opposing muscles or mobility work, compound imbalances. Tight muscles get tighter and weak muscles get weaker.

To help avoid injury, runners need to strengthen underused muscles and lengthen tight overused muscles. Bringing balance, symmetry, and alignment back to the body. If this is something you would like to explore, then email for more details to join this Friday 7pm till 9pm. We will be looking at addressing our imbalances so that we can run without issues for years to come.


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