We’re Coming Home!!

After 16 long months we are finally coming home to Creasy Park on Wednesday 7th July at 6.30pm (a good omen we hope … )

We do have to follow a few new guidelines and processes for the moment.

In order for this to be successful, it is vital that you read the updated Risk Assessment that details the new procedures for Creasey Park, which has been shared on both Facebook and via email (if you aren’t receiving emails please use the website contact form and choose Club Secretary).

Where will be all meet?

We will no longer muster at the main entrance – please walk down the main entrance and meet pitch side ensuring a social distance. This will be at our new time of 6.30pm. Run leaders will then move to the pitch fence when stating they are leading the group. Join them there. I.E Christina shouts she will lead an 8.30 slot. Moves to the fence. Ticks the 8.30 box on spond and others join her and promptly tick the spond box to register attendance and off they go! We will then leave via the turnstile gate to commence running- one way system.

What about at the end of our run?

Upon returning to Creasey Park we will NOT finish at the bike racks. Please either return to pitch side via the one way entry or finish your run before the car park. There will be other park users and we need to ensure each of us has space.

What will parking be like?

The car park can be busy – please use the firestation carpark if full as the overflow is currently being used as a test site.

Are we still using Spond?

We will continue to use Spond as part of track and trace for the time being, however you will be able to sign up on the night when you arrive. Please ensure that you are registered with Spond and that your emergency contact details have been updated. Our run leaders will continue to have the option to start runs from other locations and will continue to do so upon their choosing.

How many people can we have in a group?

We have removed the limit for club runs, however it is completely up to the run leader how many people they wish to lead in their group – so please respect their decisions. Spond will give you the information you need. Please remember that your committee and run leaders are all volunteers after all.

What if there is no group for my pace?

When you arrive at Creasey and your time slot is not available, please feel free to either join an alternative group or lead a group out as usual.

Will the toilets be open?

Creasey Park will open the PITCHSIDE OUTSIDE toilets for us to use. You are welcome to go inside, but this will mean that you need to register for track and trace using their systems and this may take time.

General Stuff..

Please ensure that you wash your hands regularly and have access to hand sanitiser and most importantly, if you are asked to isolate or have ANY symptoms, no matter how little, please follow the government guidelines.

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