22nd July 2017 : Friendship Mile – The spirit of DRR


DRR really is a wonderful big family and nothing demonstrates that better than the annual friendship mile. This is an event for club members, their families and a few special invited friends join together to remember club members who are sadly no longer with us and is a time to both show our support and celebrate the love of running we shared with them. All proceeds of the event are donated to charity and this year it raised over £650!!

Friday evening arrived with clear and warm weather at Creasy Park. With some fantastic organisation 172 runners smoothly collected and pinned on their numbers before a bit of catching up and then over to the start.

As the start signal was given there was a dash from the start line by some of the amazingly speed runners we have, Darren Deed managing the mile in just 4:44! Those of us mere mortals behind ran or walked at whatever speed we were comfortable at. Everyone was encouraging everyone else and the children really were inspiring to see how they gave it some real welly and looked to be having a great time.

It was two laps round and then down hill to the finish where everyone got a big cheer and there was a medal for every child.

Only once every runner had crossed the line did we move back inside for cake. Oh my there was a lot of cake, all lovingly baked (or bought ;-)) by club members and their family. Plates were piled high and in a haze of sugar rush the catching up continued. Old friends chatted, new friends were made and in all were reminded why DRR is really special.

Then came the awards presented by Adi, who deserves a special mention for all the effort he put in to getting the event running so smoothly. There were cool trophies for first place in each of the following categories:

– U11 boys : Jake Langford (7:07)

– U11 girls : Sienna Gibbons (7:45)

– U16 boys : Tom Fantini (6:44)

– U16 girls : Anna McGroary (8:33)

– Mens : Darren Deed (4:44)

– Womens : Rosie Keane (5:27)

Full results are on the event page.

It was my first DRR Friendship mile but it definitely will not be my last!

So to my fellow DRR member – you are truly incredible. If you are reading this and are not a member then I can’t recommend highly enough that you think about becoming one 😀